AliExpress Dropshipping Supplier – Advantages & Disadvantages

AliExpress is a China bases e-commerce giant under the umbrella of the Alibaba Group.
It started in 2010 as a business-to-business platform but now caters to the needs of retail customers as well.
It runs operations in countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Russia, and Singapore among others.
You can find innumerable products on AliExpress including new innovative ones, at low prices as compared to other e-commerce platforms.

Dropshipping On AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the most well-known dropshipping suppliers.
Unlike Alibaba that sells mostly in bulk, AliExpress caters to dropshipping needs by allowing sales in smaller quantities.
It is a marketplace that caters to the needs of all – sellers, dropshippers, and also end-customers.
As a dropshipper, you can select any product niche and specific products therein (it has presumably over 100 million products) and list the same at a markup on platforms such as eBay.
You can readily use the product photos and descriptions available on AliExpress.

AliExpress is not one supplier, rather it gives you the option to choose from hundreds and thousands of suppliers.
Skimming through various suppliers and finding the most adept one for your dropshipping business can be a task on its own.

How To Dropship from AliExpress

All you have to do to dropship from AliExpress is to select the product(s) you want to resell on eBay and use a quality dropshipping tool such as KalDrop or any other dropshipping software that can handle everything from listing to titles and description SEO for you.

Advantages Of AliExpress As A Dropshipping Supplier

Here is why you should be using this Chinese platform as your dropshipping supplier.

Cheaper Products

A major pro of AliExpress as a dropshipping supplier is the price of the products.
Since its products are sourced from China, you can get the products at cheap prices as compared to other e-commerce platforms.
This provides room for suppliers to expand their margins.
It also requires sellers to state their own retail prices, which imparts them with full control over their margins.

Cost-Efficient Shipping

AliExpress offers free shipping across the globe.
Thus, as a supplier, you do not have to pay anything apart from the price of the product.
It ships the products directly to end-users.

There is also no upfront cost that it demands so it is easier to try out new products without any financial commitment.
It also offers expedited shipping, all you have to do is to select the ePacket option to receive your delivery at the earliest.
It reportedly takes only 7-14 days to ship products to the USA from China.

Multi-Dimensional Platform

AliExpress deals in a wide spectrum of products.
Thus you have endless choices both as a buyer and a dropshipper.
There is an ocean of products to choose from and no matter which product would suit your need, you would find it on AliExpress.
Products are classified into numerous categories to make browsing easier.
You just have to choose your niche of interest and have access to a catalog of endless products.

Disadvantages Of AliExpress

AliExpress has some downsides too. What are those?

Problem Of Plenty

Where on one hand there are multi-dimensional product choices available on AliExpress, there also arises the problem of plenty.
As a dropshipper, you would have to spend a good amount of time finding your desired product.
To compound your troubles, there are various suppliers offering similar products.
Thus, choosing the right product that complies with desired quality levels along with the right supplier can be a hefty task.
Dropshippers have to often invest in software tools to assist them.

Shipping Time

In hindsight, using AliExpress as your dropshipping supplier will mean that you have to wait for 15 to 30 days to get your product delivered.
Cases have also been reported where the deliveries have taken more than 60 days.

This prolonged delivery time is also due to the fact that products are shipped from China.
Given the time it takes to deliver the product to the customer, you can only imagine the hassle it would be for a dropshipper, should the customer want to return or replace a product.

Counterfeit Products

While finding products on AliExpess, you have to be careful of counterfeit products floating on the platform.
Our suggestion is to ignore branded products altogether and search for quality unbranded products.
This is because you would not want to run the risk of selling counterfeit products in your quest of selling branded products at a cheaper price.
This would hamper the growth of your store as it can lead to negative publicity and adverse feedbacks.

Product Quality

Since AliExpress is a Chinese based company, it faces the brunt of the depleted reputation of Chinese products, which are often found to be compromised on quality.
Although, it exercises control over the quality of products sold on its platform and ensures that its sellers adhere to all company guidelines, the chances of running into a sub-standard supplier cannot be ruled out.

Buyers have often complained of receiving low-quality products.
Also, the availability of products at cheaper rates as compared to other e-commerce platforms also create a reasonable doubt in the minds of buyers about compromised quality.

Amazon is yet another popular dropshipping supplier.
To know which of the two (AliExpress or Amazon) is better, read this.

Final Thoughts

Aliexpress is a well-known name in the e-commerce business and dropshipping with it is lucrative.
With no inventory management needs and a worldwide customer reach coupled with superior delivery chains, it is an ideal choice as your dropshipping supplier.

However, with the increased traffic of products and suppliers on the platform, finding the right one can be a herculean task, especially for new dropshippers.
This calls for detailed product and supplier research.
Dropshippers would have to spend a lot of time scrolling through products and suppliers on AliExpress and read through numerous customer reviews just to find the right supplier for their desired product.

Thus, if you are considering dropshipping as your mainstream business and willing to dedicate all of your available time to this business, it is not a bad choice.
However, if your motive behind dropshipping is to make some easy bucks on the go without devoting much of your time, you would be better off looking for other dropshipping suppliers.

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