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Alitools dropshipping tool saves a product’s pricing history and monitors price fluctuations on a daily basis on Aliexpress. Alitools dropshipping tool has been collecting data on retailers, vendors inside these stores, products, and prices for these goods in all possible (and legal) ways since 2014. Alitools uses this information to display trustworthy AliExpress seller ratings, price history for most AliExpress products, search for similar products (including search by image), and display real user feedback. Alitools dropshipping tool s available on a variety of platforms, including a google chrome plugin, a website, and a smartphone application. Regardless of the platform, Alitools provides reliable results. In order to use the tool, you need to download it and then search for the product of your choice on Aliexpress. You can then compare the prices for these products, select a seller, watch real reviews and make your purchase. You must download Alitools from the official store in order to use it (for example, as a browser extension or smartphone application). Alitools is only available through the online store and any other source is not credible. One of the main features of this plugin is that it will use various criteria and assign a higher or lower score to the seller based on whether or not these criteria are fulfilled. It also allows you to see similar products from different vendors and choose the best deal based on price, popularity, or ranking. Alitools dropshipping tool is completely free of cost. It also shows you the price history of a product. This means that you can avoid committing the mistake of buying overpriced products. Furthermore, we can see that promotion is currently in effect, with the price nearly halved. The reviews also come in a video form and you can also sort them by date. AliTools’ utility is self-evident. A simple and most importantly, free tool will save you time and nerves, shield you from bad deals, and assist you in bringing any seller to clean water. Furthermore, the extension will allow you to keep track of discounts and purchase desired items at the best possible price. Read more to gather full information about the AliTools dropshipping tool.  

How Does It Work?

The working of AliTools dropshipping tools is pretty simple and involves only a few steps. To use this software, you will first need to install it. The software comes in three different forms – a google chrome extension, an android app, and an iOS app. You can choose however you want to use the tool. The application is available on both google play store as well as apple store. In case you want to use AliTools google chrome extension, you can install it for free from the website. The apps are also free to use. After AliTools dropshipping tool has been installed on your desktop or mobile device, you can start using it. To use the tool, you will need to go to Aliexpress and find your desired product by searching the keywords in the search bar. A list of products will appear in front of you, and when you select one, the tool will provide important information regarding that particular product. On the bottom left, you’ll find information such as pricing history, reviews, and related products. You will not need to reinstall the Alitools dropshipping tool or turn it on or off once it has been installed. As soon as you open an Aliexpress product, the software will begin presenting you the details.

Advantages of AliTools Dropshipping Tool

There are several advantages to using AliTools dropshipping tool. Let me take you through each one of them:

Price History

One of AliTools Dropshipping Tool’s most important and essential features is that it displays the product’s price history. This is a helpful trait in many ways. One of them is saving money on things by predicting whether the price will fall or rise. This function is useful even as a seller because it shows you how much more sales and revenue a competitor is generating by changing their prices. This vital information will be presented in the form of a simple pricing graph. Then, by changing the prices of your products, you can boost your chances of getting in the buy box.

Similar Products

AliTools dropshipping tool displays a list of similar products while you are checking out a particular product. Such a feature is useful in many ways like getting an overview of the range of the product. It also helps you find better products at a lower price, which is always better. By using the AliTools dropshipping tool, you can also compare the features, time of delivery, and additional offers for different products of the same category.

Seller Details

AliTools dropshipping tool shows you detailed information about the seller. It shows the basic information like the location of the seller, but also tells you how long the seller has been on the platform, how fast the seller ships the products, how many people are satisfied or dissatisfied with the seller, and so on. Not only that, but it also shows you whether the seller’s product matches the description provided by them.

Disadvantages of AliTools Dropshipping Tool

There aren’t many disadvantages to the Alitools dropshipping tool. Although, people have complained in the past that the tool has some glitches and lags sometimes. Let’s learn about this now.

Lagging Problem

Every now and then, dropshippers seem to be bothered by the glitches and the lags that happen with the Alitools dropshipping tool. It is not a huge problem but if your income runs on dropshipping, such inconveniences can be frustrating. Such a problem disappears itself after some time but in case you keep facing this problem, you can install and re-install the AliTools dropshipping tool.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we would say that the AliTools dropshipping tool is great for both buyers as well as sellers. No matter what side of the boat you are on, you will benefit from using the AliTools dropshipping tool. Since it is free to use, there isn’t any harm in at least trying it out.  
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