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Canva is free-to-use graphic design software that can be used for various purposes. The best part about Canva is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use it and hence as a drop shipper you will find it easy to use. You don’t even need an eye for design or design elements to use it. Thousands of templates are available via the software. You can design just about anything for your store if you put your imagination to good use. You can combine elements from different templates to create a completely new design. And it gives you access to everything from stock images to fonts, videos, and music, as well as graphic elements and icons that will make your design stand out. Canva dropshipping tool has pre-designed templates which can be used to design logos, covers as well as posters for your store. The software gives you access to almost 8000 free templates. Apart from that, there are several paid templates as well. Canva also offers a Canva pro membership which has more than 60 million stock images, a brand kit, access to thousands of videos, and much more. The free version has more than enough to offer for a dropshipper. Thus, you would hardly feel the need to buy the paid version. Canva has a user-friendly interface making it very simple to use. Grids for models, portraits, stickers, and context can be found on the left side. Fonts, color palettes, and other formatting resources are accessible through tabs above the design. You can use the tools available and create a template in a few clicks with the drag and drop feature. You wouldn’t have to do much searching and exploring. One downside to Canva dropshipping tool is the fact that the mobile app has fewer features as compared to the desktop version, so, you will have to work on a desktop most times. Canva’s pro membership costs $9.95 a month, billed annually. It costs $12.95 a month when billed monthly, the membership comes with the option to cancel at any time.

How Does Canva Work?

Canva dropshipping tool can work for whatever purpose you need it to. This article will explain how it works for dropshippers. As a dropshipper, you need graphics that look professional and this is when Canva works for you. It provides you with a set of drag-and-drop tools for creating excellent graphic art for your online store, all for free. One of the main purposes you can use the Canva dropshipping tool is to design your store banners. Instead of hiring a professional graphics designer, do it for free with the Canva dropshipping tool. It is very easy to design creative banners with the Canva dropshipping tool. Let me show you how to do it! You open the website and you will notice that Canva provides you with thousands of pre-made graphics templates. If you can’t find an appropriate template, make use of the option to customize a template for yourself. After that, you can add various pictures, videos, or logos to the template. You can add these elements to your device. These elements are also available on the web through a simple search. You can also upload animated GIFs as well as trendy text messages. All of this can be done by a simple drag and drop feature. Once you are satisfied with the design, it can be downloaded on your device. In order to download, all you have to do is click the Download option which is displayed at the top-right corner. The download is available in various formats like pdf, jpegs, as well as png. Canva dropshipping tool also shows you the suggested format in case you are not familiar with different formats.

Advantages of Canva Dropshipping Tool

Canva has many benefits for dropshippers. If you get the hang of it, it will get easier for you to use it. Here are some of its advantages.

Drag and Drop Feature

Working with pictures, videos, templates, objects, and typefaces is simple with the drag-and-drop editor. Choose what you want to make, and the Canva dropshipping tool will show you everything you need. You can alter and add them using the drag-and-drop method. In minutes, you should be able to generate your visualizations. If you’ve used the templates previously, you’ll be able to make them in a matter of seconds.

Multiple Fonts

Gone are the days when you use boring fonts for your banners or logos. Under Text, Canva provides a font collection with dozens of typefaces ranging from simple to sophisticated, as well as individual fonts and font pairs. When you search for a font, Canva dropshipping tool will show you the exact font as well as fonts that go well with it. You can pick a pair and customize it with your text. You can upload fonts if you have a Pro account, but only if you have permission to use that font; you cannot upload just about any font.

Disadvantages of Canva Dropshipping Tool

Just like a coin has two sides, Canva has a downside to it too. Not many, but there are a few disadvantages to Canva dropshipping tool. Here is one of them:

Generic Images and Templates

Canva dropshipping tool contains millions of pictures and hundreds of thousands of templates. They look amazing and appear to be better than a lot of the free things out there. However, they can have a generic appearance. Perhaps it’s due to Canva’s restrictive nature. It’s difficult to come up with something unique. Design resource sites like Freepik and Adobe Stock may have more unique templates and photos. Canva dropshipping tool, on the other hand, is more economical because it offers a large number of high-quality free and premium photos for a low monthly fee of $12.95 (less if paid annually).

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we would say that if you do not want to spend money on a graphic designer for your business, canva dropshipping tool can be of aid to you. With little to no practice, you can easily start making your own logo as well as banners. With the easy-to-use features, even a rookie can manage to do so.
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