CJ Dropshipping Supplier – Advantages & Disadvantages

CJ Dropshipping is yet another famous dropshipping supplier.
Are you considering picking CJ Dropshipping as the supplier for your dropshipping store?
Read further to know the pros and cons of CJ Dropshipping.

Pros of CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is more than just a dropshipping supplier.
It offers a whole bundle of features which includes:

Automated Selling

It provides the complete package of product sourcing, order processing, and direct shipment and delivery to your customers.

Range of Products

CJ Dropshipping offers nearly 200,000 products to choose from.
Each product is hand-picked by the CJ team (they pick trendy ones) and although this reduces the number of products present in their catalog, it significantly reduces spam products.

Also, the number of products might be less than other dropshipping suppliers such as AliExpress or Amazon, but when it comes to scaling your dropshipping sales and revenue, CJ Dropshipping is one of the best.

Product Sourcing

This is one of the major pros of dropshipping with CJ.
Not only will you have access to the 200,000 products on the CJ website, but you can also request products of your selection to be added to their catalog.
Initially, when you become a level 1 user of CJ on registration, you will be awarded 5 sourcing requests per day!
This means that if you find a winning product on another platform, you can ask for its addition on CJ.
The CJ team will most likely adhere to this request and source that product at a much cheaper price, thus giving you additional profits on a product that is already winning and trendy.

The only condition for this is that you can only refer to products present on other Chinese websites – AliExpress, Alibaba, and the likes (since CJ Dropshipping is a Chinese company itself).
Also, once the product is brought onto CJ, it will be available to everyone present on the platform – be it end-customers or dropshippers. You won’t be the only one benefitting from such sourcing!


CJ Dropshipping provides warehousing services as well.
You will not need to maintain any inventory at all which means that you can carry out your dropshipping business without having to touch a single product.
Since the product listing on CjDropshipping is carried out by the CJ team itself, they have their own company warehouses (7 of those – 2 in the USA, 2 in China, 1 in Thailand, 1 in Germany, and 1 in Indonesia).

This is not the case with big dropshipping suppliers such as AliExpress where the products can be listed by any supplier across the globe.
There are reduced quality checks and warehouses mostly consist of suppliers’ garages and homes. Only certain established and big suppliers tend to have ‘warehouses’ as such.

Product images and videos 

As mentioned earlier, the CJ team selects and uploads the products.
Due to this reason, they miss out on customizing and detailing the product titles and descriptions. But to compensate for this inefficiency, they provide product images and videos.
The facility to get first-hand product images and videos will strengthen your eBay presence and increase your chances of selling (since the majority of your competitors will be using the same pictures as present on their sourcing site)

Proof of Delivery (POD) 

A POD will help you in case any dispute arises at the time of return and payment

Cash on Delivery (COD) 

Unlike other dropshipping suppliers, CJ Dropshipping provides the facility to pay in cash, and that too only upon delivery of the product.
This will avoid any upfront payment.
It also has to offer API monitor assistance (although we recommend a Non-API dropshipping tool such as KalDrop)

Ease of Usage

CJ Dropshipping is not the easiest to use, but when you get the features of AliExpress and Oberlo like platforms combined into one, learning to use it might be a good investment.
There are also tutorial videos that CJDropshipping provides to help you get started with the reportedly complex interface that it has.
Once you set up the features and processing of CjDropshipping, it gets easier to use.

Dropshippers have also lodged complaints regarding CJ’s communication and support system which as they said, have been unresponsive and lethargic at times.

Profit Margins

CJ Dropshipping offers the same products that many other platforms do but at lower prices.
CJ has tied knots with multiple factories in China and therefore, it is able to directly get products from them in bulk and at a discount via the elimination of any middlemen.
This becomes a huge plus for dropshippers who are on the hunt for higher profit margins.

Customized and Compiled Packaging

What you do get with CJ Dropshipping is customized packaging that will help you build a brand.
You will not get negative user reviews on eBay because of third-party packaging and your customers will think of your store as a legit one.
They will not come to know that the original supplier of the product is CjDropshipping.

Also, if a customer orders 3 or 4 products together, CJDropshipping will make sure that all the products ordered are included in one parcel only – something that AliExpress lacks!

Print on Demand

Not only does CJ exclude their own packaging, but they also offer you the service to get your custom branding (stickers, company name, labels, etc.) printed by CJ, and the same will be attached to the parcel at the time of dispatch to your customer.
CJdropshipping will also negate the inclusion of invoices or receipts in the parcels sent to your customers.

Payment options

Coming to the payment options, CJDropshipping covers 200+ countries through its 8 payment options (not to forget the COD option that it provides too).

Cons of CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is not free from its loopholes.
Mentioned below are the disadvantages of CJ Dropshipping as a dropshipping supplier.

Delivery Time

A con of this dropshipping supplier is its quick delivery time – anywhere between 6-15 days.
However, if the delivery is to be made somewhere in the US, it could happen within 2-5 days via the USPS facility that CJ Dropshipping uses.

Shipping fee

CJ Dropshipping delivery and shipping has yet another downside – You will have to pay for the delivery.
You do not get free shipping with CJDropshipping.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, CJ Dropshipping should be your preferred dropshipping supplier if you are looking for customizable branding, quick delivery, higher profits, and other above-mentioned pros.
At the same time, you should be ready to deal with extra shipping fees, a technicality in operating their website, and a relatively lower number of products to choose from.

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