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Dropshipping suppliers are the backbone of the dropshipping business model. It is important to have the best dropshipping supplier in your corner to improve your chances of satisfying your customers and making more sales.

Dropshipping Suppliers

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Dropshipping suppliers in 2021 is the most important thing in our dropshipping business.
Dropshipping suppliers will decide if your business will raise up or, will fall down very hard.
Let’s understand the pros and cons of each dropshipping supplier.
Choose wisely and decide what suit best your business and not your emotions



AliExpress is a popular supplier as they have made a name in the dropshipping community as the reliable, trustworthy, go-to source for products.They have lived up to that name and have provided millions of quality products to dropshippers all over the world.



Amazon has established itself as the largest online retailer in the world. With hundreds of product categories and millions of products, this e-commerce platform is a gold mine for sourcing quality products



Banggood is a solid e-commerce for sourcing products. It has good customer service, and the platform was designed with the user in mind. It provides excellent, fast, and efficient delivery services.



CJDropshipping is an e-commerce website that offers a bunch of features that you will not find in most websites such as product sourcing, warehousing, order processing, and so on. CJDropshipping prides itself in its low price tags and organized delivery processes.



Walmart has the largest chain of retail stores in America and they have decided to bring their excellence online. With a customer-centric approach, sourcing from Walmart is a sure way to leave smiles on the faces of your customers.



Gearbest is a direct from manufacturer e-commerce website where you can source cheap electronics from China/Asia. The site has become increasingly popular and it has begun to expand into other categories.

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A subsidiary of Alibaba, AliExpress is one of the most well-known dropshipping suppliers. Unlike Alibaba that sells mostly in bulk, AliExpress caters to dropshipping needs by allowing sales in smaller quantities. AliExpress is a marketplace that caters to the needs of all – sellers, dropshippers, and also end customers. As a dropshipper, you can select any product niche and specific products therein (it has presumably over 100 million products) and list the same at a markup on platforms such as eBay. AliExpress is not one supplier, rather it gives you the option to choose from hundreds and thousands of suppliers. Skimming through various suppliers and finding the most adept one for your dropshipping business can be a task on its own. A major pro of AliExpress as a dropshipping supplier is the price of the products. Since AliExpress products are sourced from China, you can get the products at cheap prices which will give you a profit margin much more than most dropshipping suppliers. There is also the facility of free shipping (also, AliExpress ships the product directly to the end-customer) hence all that you pay for is the product itself and not anything extra to fulfill your orders on eBay. There is also no upfront cost that AliExpress demands so it is easier to try out new products without any financial commitment. In hindsight, using AliExpress as your dropshipping supplier will mean that you have to wait for 15 to 30 days (or even 60 days in some cases) to get your product delivered. This prolonged delivery time is also due to the fact that products are shipped from China. Given the time it takes to deliver the product to the customer, you can only imagine the hassle it would be for a dropshipper, should the customer want to return or replace a product. All you have to do to dropship from AliExpress is to select the product(s) you want to resell on eBay and use a quality dropshipping tool such as KalDrop that can handle everything from listing to titles and description SEO for you.
Want to know more about AliExpress dropshipping? Keep reading….

Amazon is one of the biggest online retail stores in the world right now. Amazon offers a host of options for a dropshipper – You can either dropship Amazon products on eBay (using Amazon as a dropshipping supplier), or use Amazon itself as a reselling (dropshipping) front. Amazon offers all the major advantages that you can expect from a typical dropshipping supplier. Not only will it deliver the products directly to your customers without asking you to maintain any inventory, but it will also not demand any shipping cost. One major pro of Amazon besides the plethora of products that it has is the delivery time. Since Amazon warehouses are spread across continents, delivery can take place within just a few days of placing an order. Although Amazon Prime provides a luring 24-hour delivery option, Amazon terms and conditions spill out that the Prime facility is only meant for customers and if used for reselling purposes, your Amazon account can get suspended. However, Amazon as a dropshipping supplier is only viable if you choose to dropship on Amazon itself. This is because eBay has clearly laid out that any dropshipper that uses Amazon to fulfill his/her orders on eBay will get his/her eBay seller account flagged. This is primarily due to the reason that Amazon as a dropshipping supplier doesn’t offer personal branding and end-customers receive products in an Amazon package, thus compromising eBay’s image. Amazon also has unsatisfactory profit margins. Plus, the per-order dropship fee that you pay if you follow the legitimate dropshipping module of Amazon will leave you with negligible profits on the majority of products. Click here for a detailed analysis of AliExpress vs Amazon. It is important to note that using Amazon as a dropshipping supplier to sell on eBay is not illegal. It will only highly increase the chances of your eBay account getting flagged. You can always use a Non-API eBay lister and a dropshipping in combination with eBay stealth accounts to reduce your chances of getting flagged.
Keep reading to know more about Amazon and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.


Just like AliExpress, Banggood is also a Chinese company that assists dropshippers in multiple ways and is a great dropshipping supplier. Just register as a merchant under the Banggood Dropship Program to avail the dropshipping services of Banggood. These services mainly include the facility to directly deliver the products to customers – once you receive an order (either on your website or on eBay), place the order for that product on Banggood and it will be delivered to your customer and you wouldn’t have to handle the product yourself. Banggood is free to use as it doesn’t charge any membership fee from a dropshipper. Banggood provides certain unmatchable long-term benefits. If you sell more and more products with Banggood as your dropshipping supplier, you may also get additional discounts which will further increase your profit margins. The discount margins can be 5% or even 20%, depending on your sales, and you may also get free shipping to a few countries – Yes! Unlike AliExpress, Banggood ordinarily doesn’t offer free shipping. Also, the older a member you become of Banggood, the lesser the commission you pay. Banggood offers a lot of products to choose from and has an efficient and quick delivery time. The payments are also secured and trustworthy since Banggood makes use of PayPal. The usage of PayPal is also a con of Banggood as a dropshipping supplier since many countries do not support PayPal and dropshippers from those regions might not be able to access Banggood’s dropshipping services. However, you can always make a PayPal stealth account to solve this issue. Banggood also provides fast delivery options and they are equally quick and efficient in replacing faulty products and addressing customer and client grievances. However, it is advisable to check the presence or absence of a warranty when you are selecting a product to dropship. It lies in your best interest to stay away from unwarranted products.
Eager to know more about the viability of Banggood as a dropshipping supplier? Keep reading and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.

Chinabrands is owned by the Chinese company Globalegrow which is the same company that owns Gearbest and Zaful as well – Other dropshipping aiding platforms. As such, all you need is a dropshipper account with Chinabrands to get started with dropshipping, but once you cross the $500 mark in sales via Chinabrnads as your dropshipping supplier, you will be awarded an authorization certificate stating that you are an official member (dropshipper) of Chinabrands. This will enhance your credibility on eBay, much opposite to what happens with Amazon where you are always on the hide to avoid getting flagged. There are also neither logos nor any invoices present in the packages delivered to your customers if you use Chinabrands as your dropshipping supplier. This gives scope for personal branding. Also, the customer remains unaware of the actual source of the product thus establishing your authority as a credible seller. With more than 200 global logistic partners and 500,000 products, rest assured, this dropshipping supplier can supply almost anything that your customers demand and at any place that they demand it from. Chinabrands also offer the facility to download the pictures, descriptions, and other related data which will help you in listing on eBay. Coming to their delivery time, approximately 95% of their products are delivered within a time frame of 24 hours. There is also warranty and return policies in place to aid dropshipping. Chinabrands’ primary payment method happens to be PayPal, but they also accept payment via Payoneer and wire transfer. A notable partnership of Chinabrands is with DSM Tool which might just be an added incentive to use Chinabrands as your dropshipping supplier. What is the incentive? If you use the DSM Tool official partnership link to register with Chinabrands, you will get free lifetime access to Chinabrands’ dropship program. The higher the sales you make with the DSM dropshipping tool in tandem with Chinabrands as the supplier, the higher the discount you get – more discount, more profits!
Read more to know about the pros and cons of Chinabrands and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.


CJDropshipping is yet another famous dropshipping supplier. But here is why CJDropshipping is more than just a dropshipping supplier. It offers a whole bundle of features which includes: Automated selling – product sourcing, order processing, and direct shipment and delivery to your customers, Warehousing – you will not need to maintain any inventory at all, Product images and videos – this will strengthen your eBay presence and increase your chances of selling, Proof of Delivery (POD) – this will help you in case any dispute arises at the time of return and payment, Cash on Delivery (COD) – avoids any upfront payment, and API monitor assistance (although we recommend a Non-API dropshipping tool such as KalDrop). CJDropshipping offers nearly 200,000 products to choose from. The number of products might be less than other dropshipping suppliers such as AliExpress or Amazon, but when it comes to scaling your dropshipping sales and revenue, CJDropshipping is one of the best. It is not the easiest to use, but when you get the features of AliExpress and Oberlo like platforms combined into one, learning to use it might be a good investment. There are also tutorial videos that CJDropshipping provides to help you get started. CJDropshipping offers the same products as many other platforms but at lower prices. This becomes a huge plus for dropshippers who are on the hunt for higher profit margins. Another perk of this dropshipping supplier is its quick delivery time – anywhere between 6-15 days. However, you will have to pay for the delivery as you do not get free shipping with CJDropshipping. But what you do get with CJDropshipping is customized packaging that will help you build a brand. Also, if a customer orders 3 or 4 products together, CJDropshipping will make sure that all the products ordered are included in one parcel only – something that AliExpress lacks! Coming to the payment options, CJDropshipping covers 200+ countries through its 8 payment options (not to forget the COD option that it provides too).
Keep reading to learn more about the suitability of CJDropshipping and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.

Fashion products such as clothing and boutique items have a significant place in the dropshipping arena. Cocos Fashion is a dropshipping supplier specializing in this segment. Cocos Fashion is free to register with and further operation requires a minimal amount of fees – $50 for the first month and $10 monthly from the second month. As a dropshipping supplier, this platform will effectively carry out cross-border selling for you with quick delivery and trustworthy payment methods. Apart from its services as a dropshipping supplier, Cocos Fashion also imparts all necessary knowledge and tools – Tutorials on how to effectively operate a fashion business, Q&A sessions with industry experts to clear your queries and learn international laws better, and many more. These will help you to get a hold of how the international fashion market operates, thus providing your fashion store with opportunities for scaling. Dropshipping from Cocos Fashion onto eBay is simple – Zero-in on the products you want to sell, use a dropshipping tool like KalDrop, upload products from Cocos Fashion on eBay, and execute the orders as and when they come. You can order either in bulk or in small quantities from Cocos Fashion, thus giving you and your customers flexibility. Your customers will directly get their products delivered from Cocos Fashion and you wouldn’t need to touch a single product – zero inventory costs. There is also zero shipping fees as delivery is free. There is also no branding done by Cocos Fashion which ensures customer satisfaction and keeps your credibility intact as a seller on eBay. You also get custom images without any watermark and you can display the same on eBay. To further increase your profit margins, Cocos Fashion provides discounts ranging from 20-40% on certain products. Customer grievances regarding shipping can be handled easily since each Cocos Fashion package comes with a unique tracking number. 
Keep reading to know more in detail about the pros and cons of Cocos Fashion and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.


Cocos Trade is yet another option that you have if you are looking for a dropshipping supplier. However, it is important not to confuse Cocos Trade with Cocos Fashion. As the name suggests, the latter specializes in the fashion & boutique niche whereas the former i.e. Cocos Trade is a tad more generic when it comes to the catalog of products (but majorly operates in the Fashion niche). It has products at much cheaper prices than Cocos Fashion owing to its mass production. A small or medium-sized business will find it much favorable to be on Cocos Trade since one of their primary objectives is to be the harbinger of growth for such stores. However, when it comes to quality, Cocos Fashion has an edge. Cocos Trade helps dropshipping and has dedicated services for the same. It integrates with eBay, Zik Analytics, Shopify, and KalDrop. Apart from being a dropshipping supplier, Cocos also provides certain premium quality services. They will help you find any professionals if that’s what you need for handling your fashion store and development of it. They also provide consultation services. You can also get custom tailoring, sewing, and cutting from the experts that Cocos has. Such white-label products will give you an edge over your competitors using stock wholesale products. Cocos is the first of its kind and puts all the designers, suppliers, sellers, and dropshippers of fashion products within close contact with each other, thus establishing a unique ‘fashion map’. It gives you a chance to network with not only the local fashion suppliers but also the cross-border ones. Cocos’ smart and safe payment methods make it easy and quick to do business on this platform. The buying segment of the website is differentiated into 4 categories – Designers & Manufacturers, Traders & Store owners, Dropshippers, and Fashion service providers. There is something for everyone on Cocos Trade.
To know more about Cocos Trade and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.

Established in 2008, Costway began as just a dropshipping supplier and has grown to become a proper online retail store. They have recently joined hands with DSM Tool and aim to provide seamless dropshipping assistance. One of the key advantages of using Costway as your dropshipping supplier is an authorization cum reseller agreement that they provide you with. This will prove your credibility on marketplaces such as eBay. Note that you will have to get a different membership (and also a different reseller agreement) for different countries. For example, if you have the authorization to sell in the USA, the same cannot be used for the UK and you will have to get a new membership for that place. Although Costway doesn’t include any invoices in the packages that they send to your customers, you can expect Costway logos and packaging in the parcels. This can put you at a disadvantage as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. You can get nearly 8,000 branded products on Costway and many more unbranded ones too. With all their products (even unbranded ones), you get a warranty period of 3 months. You can also return a damaged or incorrect product within 90 days from the date on which you make an order. The shipping can be a little tricky with Costway. Although they claim to provide free shipping to almost all the locations on the map, there can be certain regions where shipping isn’t available. There also have been instances where an extra shipping fee had to be paid by the dropshippers. Hence, it is advisable to read the shipping & delivery terms and conditions carefully before selecting a product to dropship. You get two payment options on Costway – PayPal and Debit / Credit card. There are a total of 7 levels for your Costway account and with increasing levels and sales, you get more and more discount coupons which means more profits.
To know more about the intricacies of Costway and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.


DHgate is a dropshipping supplier that can assist dropshippers in other ways as well. One of the biggest advantages of DHgate is that there seems to be no end to the range of products offered. The market on DHgate is huge ranging from electronics, accessories, and jewelry to hardware and even automobile parts. You can also find Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products and a wide range of innovative products from China on this platform. The listing prices are low as compared to some other platforms. One could buy products at additional discounted rates through its “Coupon Centre” tab, thereby increasing the profit margins. DHgate also ensures the complete safety of E-payments. With a wide range of options available such as credit cards, Skrill, DHpay, and others, buyers can choose the most convenient option for themselves. Also, while using DHPay, DHgate ensures that sellers do not receive payments unless buyers have received their products, thus providing security during transactions. The DHgate escrow account helps to secure payments and thus it is advisable not to make a payment outside the platform. In the case of shipping, there are often two options available – either go for free shipping or a paid courier service. The choice really varies case by case depending on customer requirements. However, for an assured timely delivery, using a courier service such as FedEx or DHL is advisable. You would always run the risk of late deliveries and instances of misplaced goods in case of free shipping. The minimum order on DHgate depends on the requirements of sellers. However, one has to be cautious about suspicious sellers. Also, one cannot obtain reasonable assurance about the quality of products being offered. There are many counterfeits of branded items being sold which can be hard to distinguish. Thus, buyers need to be extra careful while locating products on the platform. Reading customer reviews and contacting the supplier before buying can be helpful in avoiding hoax suppliers and products.
For a detailed insight into DHgate, its working, advantages, and disadvantages and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.

This is a different dropshipping supplier than others in the market. Its offerings are limited to handcrafted and hand-made crafty products. There are two ways of dropshipping on Etsy. With your own Etsy storefront coupled with outsourced production, you can deal in handicraft goods available on Etsy. However, you have to make sure that you are involved in the designing process. Another way is you can dropship products from other Etsy sellers’ storefront to your online store or even eBay. However, in this case, you cannot sell handcrafted products and your dealings would mostly be in vintage products. Etsy is known to have customers with an eye for art. Buyers here are conscious of their purchases and exercise a great deal of vigilance during their purchases. They are often willing to pay a premium price for the desired product. This provides the benefit of high-profit margins for sellers using Etsy as their dropshipping supplier. The platform provides the sellers with an opportunity to be creative with their products due to the presence of human-centric shoppers. Etsy is slowly becoming the place for niches. Niche sellers operating in sectors such as clothing, home decor, and baby products tend to thrive on Etsy. Thus, if you want to operate in a particular niche, Etsy can be the perfect dropshipping supplier for you. While Etsy doesn’t disclose your business model to buyers, it does require you to disclose your location and place of production to buyers. This instills confidence among buyers that they aren’t being hoaxed, however, the listing process on Etsy can be tedious. It is also expensive as compared to some other platforms. It charges a $0.20 listing fee every four months. A processing fee of 5% is charged for every sale made and the above charges do not include a shipping fee. Etsy works in a highly regulated manner and has a strict operating policy and intense scrutiny of transactions. Thus, it can be uncomfortable for sellers as they feel their independence being curbed.
To know more about Etsy as a dropshipping supplier, it’s policies, it’s pros and cons, and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.


Gearbest is a dropshipping supplier whose main focus is on electronic appliances, gadgets, and men’s fashion wear. Apart from being the largest sales platform for electronic products, Gearbest also offers a wide range of other products as well. You can find products ranging from computers, mobiles, electronic accessories to clothes, toys, cars, motorcycles, and school stationery. The sellers on Gearbest are the original producers of the product. This ensures that the product is available at the cheapest possible price when using Gearbest as a dropshipping supplier. One of the major advantages of Gerabest is its price protection program. If you buy anything from the platform and find that there has been a drop in the price within 72 hours of the purchase, Gearbest will refund you the difference unconditionally. Thus, you can be assured that you are getting full value for your money. Payments on Gearbest are safe and convenient. It offers various modes such as VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. However, Paypal is the safest option available for executing transactions. It also allows payments in installments and interest-free payments in certain countries. Since it has a global presence, there are many options available through which products can be shipped. One could choose between unregistered airmail, registered airmail, priority, and expedited shipping. Orders exceeding $30 in value are automatically delivered through the safest option – registered airmail. You can also track your orders via a tracking number. If you opt for priority shipping, you can get your product within two weeks in America and Australia and within one month in Russia. Expedited shipping ensures delivery at the earliest possible time. However, shipping has been Gearbest’s all-time issue. Although it offers free shipping worldwide, it can often take longer than the stated time for your product to be shipped. Instances have been recorded, where the product took 8 weeks to get delivered. Passing through various customs authorities, parcels are often stuck in procedural conundrums and can be mishandled or even lost in transit.
To know more about Gearbest’s working model as a dropshipping supplier, its pros and cons, and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.

Home Depot is yet another dropshipping supplier available in the market. As the name suggests, Home Depot deals in Home solution products, tools, and construction products. Thus, it is a dedicated dropshipping supplier of home-related products. Home Depot has exclusive tie-ups with various brands and also has its own brands such as HDX, Workforce tools, and Husky tools. The prices at Home Depot are the lowest and the same is guaranteed by the platform. It is famous for its price match policy. If you purchase a product on Home Depot and then find it at a cheaper price elsewhere within 30-60 days, you just need to intimate Home Depot about it and it will refund you the excess amount charged. Home Depot offers free shipping on a wide range of products if the orders’ value is above $45. You can also opt for express shipping, which will ensure delivery the very next day. The normal delivery time is around 3-5 days. Home Depot also runs a tax-exempt program where buyers can save up to 5% on their purchases if they establish their tax-exempt status and furnish a state or federal tax ID. This is however subject to approvals. You can also purchase Home Depot gift cards to save on your purchases. Buyers can face problems during returning products. Home Depot charges the buyers for the return shipping cost if the return is not due to Home Depot’s fault. If you do not like a product or it is not as you expected and you want to return it, you have to pay for the return shipping. However, if the product was received as damaged, Home Depot will bear the costs. Home Depot follows a differentiating pricing policy where there is no constant price for a particular product. The price varies with the location of the buyer.
Read more about Home Depot and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.

the home depot

After establishing itself as the largest chain of retail stores across America, Walmart also ventured out in the e-commerce business and eventually rolled out the dropship vendor program or the DSV. It has a complete illustrative guide on how to become a dropshipper vendor with Walmart. The biggest advantage of using Walmart as a dropshipping supplier is its reach. Being the largest in the business, it has a huge pool of customers and hence supplier products can be displayed to a variety of potential buyers. Since it is still growing in the e-commerce sector, competition is low among third-party sellers on Walmart as compared to other dropshipping suppliers. Thus, the dual benefits of a wider customer base and low competition serves well to sellers. Walmart also has a presence on mobile devices which makes it easy to use and can be accessed on the go. It offers a wide range of options through which payments can be made such as credit cards, visa cards, Paypal, and others. However, Walmart is a customer-oriented platform and its policy is to maximize customer savings. This does not serve well to third party sellers, as it leads to lower profit margins. It also follows a rigid pricing policy. The seller has to offer the product at the lowest price on Walmart. If it comes to light that the same seller is offering the same product on some other platform at a cheaper price, Walmart will de-list the product. Sellers have also faced listing issues with Walmart. When two or more sellers happen to offer the same product at the same price, Walmart shows the product listed first at the top of the list. But selling on Walmart isn’t for new dropshippers. You must have a pre-established business with good ratings on the internet to be able to sell on Walmart. You also need to be a specialist in any of the categories of products that are offered by Walmart.
To know more about how Walmart and decide who is the best dropshipping suppliers for 2021.

Trackerbot is a fully automated dropshipping software designed for platforms like eBay and Amazon. It helps dropshippers get the boring and tedious task of tracking out of the way and saves their time. Trackerbot has various uses like matching and importing all of your suppliers’ tracking numbers to eBay or Amazon. You can select from a range of upload options and scenarios and use the Trackerbot dashboard to manually upload trackings and marking orders as shipped. With the business plan, you also get the feature of converting the amazon tracking into Blue care express and get them validated into eBay. Trackerbot also comes with automated messaging. It sends a message to your customers when an item is ordered, mailed, or delivered.  When an item is shipped with an Amazon courier, it sends a link of the Trackings Monitor to the customers. It also helps you create custom message templates based on country and language. Tackerbot currently supports more than 50 suppliers like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and many others. Trackerbot will also help you name your products by automatically generating a title that includes the most common keywords for each product you sell on eBay or any other platform. It also sends a feedback reminder to your customers after the products are delivered. A good thing here is that these feedback templates are customizable and you can also leave out the customers to whom you have already given feedback. It also assists you in keeping track of your account’s order processing time and seller success metrics. Having said that, a disadvantage to trackerbot is the pricing. Even the starter pack may feel a little expensive to some starting out. People have also complained about trackerbot sometimes being sluggish. Trackerbot comes with six different pricing plans which are- starter, professional, business, enterprise, huge, and baller. Needless, the price increases with each pricing plan. The pricing starts from $11.99/mo and goes till $89.99/mo. Every day, TrackerBot processes over 15,000 messages and uploads over 20,000 tracking numbers. Thus, this can be a great addition to your business.