KalDrop Dropshipping Tool – Honest Review

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KalDrop is a dropshipping tool that can protect your eBay account from getting flagged.

Features of KalDrop Dropshipping Tool

What are the advantages of KalDrop dropshipping tool that make it one of the better dropshipping tools out there? Here is the list.

1. Non-API eBay Lister

Would you rather choose consistent profits for a long time or a sudden drastic drop in high profits after a short period? KalDrop dropshipping tool will help you get the former and avoid the latter. API listers run at a risk of flagging your eBay accounts. This is because when you are using an API monitor, the prices, products, tracking numbers, etc. are uploaded automatically which eBay’s policies prohibit. On the other hand, a Non-API lister such as KalDrop dropshipping tool signals eBay that a normal human being is interacting with the store hence the risk of flagging is negated. However, this does not mean that you will have to manually update everything i.e. the entire process will still be automated. Flagging of eBay accounts means that your store will no longer be visible in relevant search results. This will lead to almost zero sales since there will be no customers visiting your store.

2. First 7 Days are Limitless and Free

You do not need an immediate investment of money to get started with KalDrop dropshipping tool. Not only are the first 7 days free to use, but there are also no restrictions with respect to the number of products that you can list during the free period – unlimited listings! This is unlike many other dropshipping tools that usually have a cap on the number of free listings.

3. Unlimited Listings

This is probably KalDrop’s USP when it comes to comparisons with its competitors. Almost every other dropshipping software charges a fixed price per month and gives a limited number of permitted listings along with it. However, KalDrop dropshipping tool gives you unlimited listings with its paid plans. Once you pay for this dropshipping tool, you get unrestricted value via volume listing. The key to scaling your dropshipping profits is to list products in a lump sum. Note: A new eBay seller account may be subject to selling limits so if you’re considering listing $500+ worth of listings in the first month, it might be a little far-fetched fancy.

4. Manage Multiple eBay Accounts

A good dropshipper will always look for ways to increase his/her profits. A very obvious way to do that is to sell more through more stores. Opening multiple eBay accounts will not only give you more listings, but it will also give you more visibility on search results. But how do you manage multiple accounts as an individual? In comes KalDrop dropshipping tool that automates everything from A to Z for you on each of your eBay seller accounts. In addition to this, you can access as many eBay accounts as you want without having to purchase additional KalDrop accounts i.e. one KalDrop dropshipping tool account for multiple eBay accounts.

5. VeRo Protection

VeRo or Verified Rights Owner protection is an essential weapon in your armory for success in dropshipping. Surely, you do not want to list a product that has a VeRo or in simple terms, copyright attached to it. Doing this can result in the suspension of your eBay seller account and the obvious consequences include loss of sales, profits, customers, etc. KalDrop dropshipping tool has a regularly updated list of products that are subject to VeRo. This will act as a warning and therefore protect you from listing a copyrighted product.

6. Variations Support

Did you know that eBay charges an insertion fee for every product listing? The insertion fee has to be paid every month. KalDrop’s variations support implies that you will be able to compile and list all the variations of a particular product under a single listing. For example, a T-shirt may have lots of variations such as in colors, sizes, etc. In the absence of variations support, you would have to list all such varied products as a different listing which would cost you more. This will also ruin the user experience as customers may not be able to see all the variations on a single page. He may exit your store if he doesn’t find a particular size or color that he is looking for i.e. you will not be taking the advantage of cross-selling. Another benefit of variations support via KalDrop dropshipping tool is that the sales history is displayed for a particular listing. Therefore, all the variations’ sales history will be compiled into one thus enhancing the sales history of the listing.

7. Automated Bulk Listing

KalDrop dropshipping tool lets you list hundreds of products at once without having to manually enter details such as title, descriptions, etc. It automates the entire listing process for you.

8. One-click Listing

All you have to do to list a product from your dropshipping supplier onto your eBay store is:
  • Go to the supplier’s product page that you want to list
  • Click on the KalDrop icon present on the page
KalDrop’s list of dropshipping suppliers includes some of the best in the business such as AliExpressBanggoodCjDropshippingDHgateCocos Trade, and Cocos Fashion. This is as simple as the listing can get!

Pricing of KalDrop

There are 2 simple plans for KalDrop dropshipping tool: a monthly and an annual plan. The monthly plan costs $19.99 per month and the annual plan costs $155.99 per month, both of which are extremely affordable and one of the lowest in the market. Do not forget to notice the discount you get with an annual plan – $84 worth of discount! Both the plans include the following features and you do not need to pay anything extra to unlock fresh features.
  • Non-API support
  • Unlimited listings
  • Live chat support
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Variations & Chrome extension support
  • VeRo protection
  • One-click listing
  • Easy product management
  • Flexibility to cancel at anytime

Final Thoughts

With loads of features up its belt, KalDrop is a great option if you are looking for a dropshipping tool that can automate your selling, protect you from flagging and VeRo products, has a chrome extension, and all the above-mentioned benefits. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the features and other aspects such as pricing, usage, etc. of KalDrop dropshipping tool to decide its viability as a dropshipping tool.
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