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MyProfit was founded by two entrepreneurs who decided to improve the already overly complex dropshipping industry by adding value and simplification. MyProfit is a one-of-a-kind solution for dropshipping traders that solves the common problem of accurately measuring profit once and for all. It has been enabled by the development of a platform that integrates with all types of operating systems and financial networks. The software helps you to optimize your store to handle any kind of income growth. My Profit dropshipping tool and software facilitate you to connect your eBay store in order to analyze your store performance. You can also connect your PayPal and Payoneer accounts to get a financial dashboard that gets updated on a real-time basis. It also helps you to maximize your profits by maintaining a positive growth trajectory by having all of the relevant details, records, and financial indicators in one place. My profit comes with an automated invoicing feature that displays key financial data in one place. My profit has a financial alerts feature in which financial updates are synced from all trading and financial networks, allowing you to make business decisions quicker than ever before. As a dropshipper, such features can be extremely beneficial for you as the market is highly competitive and making the first move is the key to making profits. The app also provides you with up-to-date information on purchasing patterns, as well as financial and accounting reports, allowing you to spot important profit opportunities and milestones. MyProfit also allows you to rate your eBay accounts and suppliers, allowing you to concentrate on growth and profit maximization. You will also not require an accountant as  MyProfit makes accounting simpler by automating key financial workflows and centralizing all critical accounting data. Although My Profit dropshipping tool is not as popular as some other such profit calculators, this fact should not deter you from using this unique and unmatched software. My profit provides you a 30 days free trial and then has three different paid plans to offer. The basic plan costs $9.99/month, the pro costs $19.99/month and the premium plan costs $29.99/month. myProfit dropshipping tool

How Does It Work?

MyProfit dropshipping tool works in a pretty easy and simple way. There isn’t much to do. You need to first create an account on the website. Once your account is activated, you need to connect to your online store. Once your store has been connected to the MyProfit dropshipping tool, the analysis of your store starts. Another way the MyProfit dropshipping tool can be used is by connecting it to your PayPal or Payoneer wallet. When the MyProfit dropshipping tool is connected to these two apps, it creates an automatic financial dashboard for you. This financial dashboard also gets updated in real-time. If you want, the dropshipping tool can also create invoices for you, give you task alerts, and many more such features. The dropshipping tool also defines your suppliers for you by collecting information about your suppliers and analyzing the information. All of this works simultaneously and provides you a positive growth trajectory. MyProfit dropshipping tool comes with three types of pricing plans. A basic plan which works till a revenue of $10,000 comes with features like Financial Dashboard, Business Performance, Reports, Tasks Alerts, and Invoicing. You also have a pro plan which works for $40,000 worth of revenue and comes with features like VA management and Accountant Documents. The premium plan operates on unlimited revenue and has all features in addition to an Affiliate program.

Advantages of MyProfit Dropshipping Tool

There are many benefits to the MyProfit dropshipping tool. Some of the most useful benefits have been listed below:

Financial Performance Dashboard

MyProfit dropshipping tool comes with a financial performance dashboard. This feature is extremely important for you if dropshipping is a huge part of your income. Analyzing your financial performance not only helps you make better decisions but also helps you to know the outcome of decisions made in the past. This dashboard is also updated on a real-time basis and is displayed on your Paypal and Payoneer app. This makes the feature pretty accessible as you will be able to see your financial performance whenever you desire.

Automated Invoicing

Creating invoices can be a huge problem, especially when your dropshipping business is expanding. Making the right invoices is important if you do not want to incur any losses. If you don’t use the MyProfit dropshipping tool, you will need to hire an accountant which is an added expense. Instead, this dropshipping tool provides you with an automated invoice feature. This invoicing feature also helps in displaying all your financial data in one place.

Gives you up to date trends

Another useful feature of the MyProfit dropshipping tool is the fact that it shows you the recent trends in the market. By using this dropshipping tool, you get the most up-to-date information on buying trends, as well as financial and accounting records, so you can spot important profit chances and milestones. You can customize your store as well as your listings according to the latest trends which will be displayed by the MyProfit dropshipping tool.

Final Thoughts

MyProfit dropshipping tool is a must-have for every dropshipper as the tool deals with your finances and the finances will definitely be the most important part of business for you. Not only does it provide you with basic features like making invoices and tracking finances for you but also does other relevant work like giving you trend alerts or providing you with trading channel ratings. We would advise you to start with a basic plan and slowly upgrade your plan if the tool suits your needs.
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